Alesis know a thing or two about digital recording, but what can they bring to the the I/O26 box includes a printed manual, a software/driver installation CD. Alesis iO 26 Sound Card Owners Manuals, User Guides, Instructional Help Documents & Operating Information. Recent Alesis iO 26 Sound Card questions, problems & answers. Free expert DIY tips, I have an alesis io/26 firewire recording ยท Alesis iO pdf Manual.

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Silent Way working with Alesis IO/26 and SH-101

Find More Posts by jeffski. Cookies help us io2 performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. It’s true that sometimes you have to push the gain in depth for a sufficient level, but I had no problem breathing.

Mainly black screens of death. Concerning the rme fireface and motu ultralite, preference is very subjective as you can find in many online discussions.

Message was edited by: Had a lot of trouble though getting it to work with my laptop. Find More Posts by EvilDragon. This gives us an average of 7, in the snatch.

I do not lose hope, because I really feel – I hope it will be justified – that the problems will soon be settled, at the rate follow the updates. Last edited by Analogy; at If you really want to treat helpers as clients, I’ld like you to pay first. I use it as in and output, sometimes for all softwares.

Greetings und Frohes Fest, Chris. BUT – I’ve just borrowed an mbox and the gain is fantastic aldsis I get so much better sound. The Lawyer The Lawyer.

It is good that old as well as current drivers are still available because you need to find the right ones for your machine and then stick with them.


Alesis iO26 Manuals

Send a private message to nicholas. Be very careful if you leave your system on for any extended period of time. I chose it also because I could have every element of the battery on a separate track. Find More Posts by swiftoid. But it broke after 10 uses. I’m unfamiliar with this.

The mkIII units add about 2ms to the total round-trip latency The configuration of my computer: I’ve got qlesis more questions at this time Send a private message to Jim Roseberry.

Lots of folks diss the clock on the mkII units including the HD. I’ve checked to make sure Alesia not mistaking this noise for that introduced through cabling etc, maanual I’ve also compared the noise between having the alesis switched on and off with the amp still on no noise at all with alesis switched off.

Jun 23 And a nice fix with the killed SMD-pad to the Xtal, your repair is absolutely adequate. Doesn’t matter if they’re giving them away.

On my old edirol ua4-fx this is no trouble, I don’t get any introduced hiss that I can hear with my head pressed against the tweeters anyway. In any case it is not very complicated, you have your entries combos, adjust the input gain with the small clip is a snap.

Maual have the buffer atits rock solid,and latency is not bad at all, we are also able to record our rehearsals if we like to listen back, so its definately a cool little unit for the price.

Alesis iO26 Manuals

At the launch there was a lot of update, yes, but the latest version dates back almost a year. Once again, thank You very muchand happy x-mas to You as well! I never need to go up from there, but even the loudest things you can listen to aren’t that bad, at least for the couple of seconds it takes to turn the io26 master down. By digging a little more on the US site, a document prcise a patch KB can be ncessaire, actually, things are back to normal APRS application of the it.


I am getting no audio from logic, however, I am getting levels when I speak through my mic.

Silent Way working with Alesis IO/26 and SH | Expert Sleepers – Home

I was still able to record a small “test” more or less audible, and even one or two tracks ko26 no crackling. Your best bet would be to cut the legs with a sharp knife, many people have reported success with this method.

I’m pretty happy with my Alesis io26, which I’ve been using with PT 9 for a few weeks now. My whole band uses the io 26 to rehearse through every week.

Answered on Jun 24, Jun 24 1: I also use the logiel Encore, and Sound Forge The thing is I’m tyring to cut down on anything in the signal route between the dac and the speakers. Alesis says that these will not work with some Dell boxes, period, for some reason.

However, the IO 26 has all almost all the features I want, and the right form factor.

I soldered the chip pin-by-pin and did no have issues with bridged pads that way, except with two pins where I was hurrying a bit. The buttons are costal. IO 26 has been rock-solid working with my son’s Dell laptop for over a year.