This guide finalised on 04 July Contents About AIRCOM OPTIMA 9 About the AIRCOM OPTIMA User Layer 10 About the AIRCOM OPTIMA Ribbon Aircom Optima presentation Agenda Performance management challenges OPTIMA introduction and customer success stories Solution roadmap. Aircom Optima user reference: – 4shared .com – document sharing – download Best Regards.

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By looking aigcom of the market and sharing intelligence, we develop the skills and tools that network operators need to remain competitive, whatever the economic climate. You can also set a switching interval, which specifies how long each page is shown.

Select the Use Time Zone option to choose the time zone against which the schedule will be run. To define an alarm handler: AIRCOM OPTIMA is a network performance management, reporting and monitoring software tool that logs and stores network parameters, enabling you to gain a complete understanding of the current and past performance of your network. To create a module: The selected work area INI file is loaded, and optimw work area is opened.

This option overwrites existing groups that have already been assigned to the folder or subfolders. Setting materialized views to refresh frequently for example, every minute can impact on database performance. Custom View Custom views are reusable data queries that can be used in reports, modules, alarms, KPIs and other queries.

Aircom International

Reporter Reports Opens the Reports tab, on which you can create and manage reports. Tab Description Home Enables you to create and manage your favourites.

Plot Data Click in the row and, in the dialog box that appears, choose how you want to plot data by selecting the appropriate radio button and clicking OK. These are initially Home, Analysis, Administration, User Management and Utilities but the list will expand depending on the window panes that you have opened.

Alarms Alarms Opens the Alarms tab, on which you can create and manage alarms. In order for an alert to be sent when an alarm is raised, a corresponding handler must be defined. View in the Sandbox? Help Center Find new research papers in: Remember me on this computer.

  EN 12944-6 PDF

You can now choose the content of your report and design its layout. Creating Empty Tables To create an empty table: Item Description Do not contain stored data, and can be used at any time to obtain the current data.

Introduction to Aircom Optima

No part of this work, which opfima protected by copyright, may be reproduced in any form or by any means – graphic, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, taping or storage in an information retrieval system – without the written permission of the copyright owner. Creating Static Filters Static filters are based on fixed filter values that you specify as part of the filter definition.

The Sandbox Objects tab appears.

To modify any of the column data for example, the Data Typedouble-click the appropriate cell and make the required changes. Users of the group will not be able to access any subfolders unless they are a member of a group with access to those folders.

In these combinations you can set the date ranges, element filters and aggregation level time and elementalong with drilling down, up and across between linked modules. On this tab, you can view all of the objects created in the Sandbox environment, and also create tables, private links and synonyms, as well as view the Sandbox management settings. Creating Tables with Data To create a table with preloaded data: See Defining Favourites on page When you have finished, close the Data Explorer and click Yes to save your changes.

See Creating a KPI. For more information, see Creating Filters on page A New Table with Data tab opens.

Aircom Optima user reference guide – pdf

Technological services, namely, technical consultation in the technology field of telecommunications; research and development in the field of telecommunications networks; design and development of computer aircon and software for telecommunications and network services; engineering consultancy services in the field of computer software, hardware and telecommunications in relation to the planning, roll out, optimization, configuration and performance management of telecommunications networks; technical support services, namely, troubleshooting and monitoring of telecommunications network systems including the software and hardware comprised therein.


To export a work area that you have created: The name of each Sandbox object must be unique; for example, you cannot use the same name for both a synonym and a table. Administration and Access to data aurcom objects defined in the tool. How aircomm I grant access on my objects security to other users that would find them helpful? End-to-end performance management tool brings simplicity airvom increasingly complex, multi-technology fixed, mobile and IP networks.

By using Excel templates, existing Excel functionality can be used to manipulate the data in an extremely powerful way.

To create a new combination window: Schedules Opens the Schedules tab, on which you can create and manage schedules for when reports will run.

By default, this shows all Sandbox objects that are currently active. Analysis Enables you to perform a number of key tasks, including: Button Name Description Manage Personal Opens the Manage Aiircom Favourites tab, on which you can create your Favourites own favourites, and organise them into groups.

Introduction to Aircom Optima – Free Download PDF

For more information, see Creating a Work Area on page First Use Anywhere Date. You can use, edit, or delete them as required – however, you cannot edit or delete the OPTIMA Administrator application role or profile marked in brown. OPTIMA removes this complexity by delivering a single unique view of network performance end-to-end, ensuring operators have the visibility and control across its entire network to deliver the best possible user experience.

On the Filters tab, you can create, edit and delete static and dynamic filters. Please help us to share our service with your friends.