Precaution in use of LCD Module. (1) Avoid applying excessive shocks to the module or making any alterations or modifications to it. (2) Don’t make extra holes . Features. 1. 5×8 dots with cursor. 2. Built-in controller (KSU or equivalent). 3. Easy interface with 4-bit or 8-bit MPU. 4. +5V power supply. DRAWING. Winstar Dot Matrix LCD Display Module 16×2, LCD Display A – WHA. SPECIFICATIONS. WHA LCD Datasheet. Interface Pin Function .

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Maybe I am telling a foolishness, but I have seen in the code you are using the pins 11 and 12 as data and not for Enable and RS. With the potentiometer at one end of it’s range the display will be blank and at the other end you should see boxes on the top line of the display.

How to Drive a QYA LCD (with Servo Module?) – servo – Tessel Forums

Finetuning gets a little harder because the range is bigger, but that’s no problem for this tutorial. They are not what you may think. Ming 26 July Very Good Tutorial! I did not see it until I scrolled down to look at your answer, then I saw it.

Let me know if there is anything you’re still confused about. On the other hand your soldering looks like it could use some improvement.


16 x 2 LCD Datasheet | 16×2 Character LCD Module PINOUT

The first thing that you’ll want to do on any hardware project is locate the relevant datasheet. Choosing Battery for Robots. A logic level is simply the voltage of a datasheet when it’s in the “high” state. Puzzled me that the lightSensor reading was higher in the dark, but now I get it. What is Web Browser.

By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. That should fix one problem. Also there are many different versions of the LCD display with different pinouts and I couldn’t really find which the DX version exactly was.

Michael Bean 14 December Excellent!!!

Hello I am just dealing with the same problems, except mine show some squares on the screen. Kevin 04 September Works like an absolute charm! You will want to connect all of the data pins to something like this converter.

LCD1602 (5V Blue Backlight)

Moses Lakra 04 November A good tutorial. Here is a link to one of my previous posts regarding bread boards and their power buses.

I think he should be on his way if he reflows the solder joints and jumpers the power buses. Worked on my first attempt. CSS-only Clock Intelligent image cropping with focal point image-rendering: Thinking back, there’s something about commands, wait times, and busy flags At the product description it said that the controller is Dataaheet I am wrong or is it??


If they are greater than 3. Email Required, but never shown.

Selects command register when low; and data register when high. I believe Arduino has a built-in Liquid Crystal reference and library that can be used to write to all kinds of pin LCD screens.

Arduino based GPS receiver. Basil 05 April Thanks a lot for the explanation, Great work! Datasheeet common mistake is to use the wrong logic level between microcontrollers and peripherals. Next up is the pot meter.

Do you have any idea where I could find the correct initializing sequence?

Dot Matrix LCD Display Module 16×2

I’m really wanted to learn everything I can about the hardware aspects of microcontrollers especially and obviously the Tessel. Post as a guest Name. JoeO Full Member Posts: Low to dstasheet to the register; High to read from the register.

If your display looks like this, you’re doing fine: A 16×2 LCD display is very basic module and is very commonly used in various devices and circuits.