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The export-output growth nexus in Japan: Various studies have confirmed on its validation as the Black studies, Jensen and Scholesother studies such as studies of Fama and French confirmed its invalidation. The ambition of this research paper is to clarify various aspects of Islamic banking in the financial market that is still little known by the majority. Financial performance of Shariah-compliant tevlii After constructing the new vector of shocked outputs we re-estimate the frontier.

The administrative and supervisory guidelines provided for conventional banking would not be sufficient to give the vital shields to Islamic banking. The effect of global crisis on Islamic and conventional banks. The empirical finding show that that the genle risk Mkt has a negative shock on stock return of Islamic banks characterized by small sizes and a positive impact on banks with big sizes in the case of two models; CAPM and Fama and French.

The risk of size SMB has a positive effect on small Islamic banks and a negative impact on banks with big sizes. The efficiency of financial institutions: Thus, there is no problem in using it instead of originally designed partnership instruments. He says that such conditions put on murabahah contracts make Islamic banks credit providing institutions instead of seller of the goods demanded by customers.

Against this backdrop, in order for the Islamic banking institutions comprising of Islamic banks and IBS banks to become leader in the industry, compete effectively and at the same time preserve their niche, there is a need to strengthen their institutional and operational capacities and build their resilience to operate successfully in a highly competive globalised environment.


Noluu of them are; having a contract with subject matter different than commodities such as health care, etc.

Taşçılar Yeminli Mali Müşavirlik YMM – Yeminli Mali Müşavir

Some differences in the efficiency scores ggenel found across country and bank type, Table 4. Over the period they compare banking efficiency through several ratios dealing with cost revenue and profit, but they do not find evidence for the superiority of Islamic banks in terms of performances. Estimating of the Fama and French model Panel A: The Journal of Investing, 17 4 World Scientific Publishing Co. Malaysian Managerial Journal, Vol.

Journal of Banking and Finance, 21, The pioneering empirical work is Al Jarrah and Geel who found evidence for Islamic Banks superiority in terms of cost efficiency in 4 countries but for an old period, and a very limited sample of banks.

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Risk and return characteristics of equity funds islamic. A panel data approach using composite indices.

CAPM allows for a positive linear relationship between the profitability of a security and its systematic risk. Commercial banks observations, banksand Islamic banks 2 observations, 50 banks. Furthermore, he indicates that there can be three main activities for the asset side of an Islamic bank; charged services, partnership and mudarabah investments, and uncharged services.

They came to validate the Fama and French model and they also mentioned that Variable momentum allows better explain the performance of Canadian equities. Riba, profit rate, Islamic rate, and market equilibrium. The second issue addressed in this paper is to compare the resiliency of these banks to an adverse depreciation in their activities, by evaluating and comparing their business risk.

Web Page Youtube Facebook Twitter: Islamic Economic Studies, Vol. Several distance functions have been used in the literature on banking performance, i input distance functions, ii output distance functions or iii directional and hyperbolic distance functions. Second, it is about Turkish Islamic banks on which studies are rare. To date, there are 16 fully-fledged Islamic banks including five foreign Islamic banks operating in the country.

At present, the assets of Islamic banking reblii reached more than USD If we compare the two inefficiency measures, revenue inefficiency is much higher than profit inefficiency, which means that on average banks revenues could be much more expanded than profit for inefficient banks. Countries like Malaysia and Bahrain are nplu to be regional hubs for Islamic financial services.


Nplu, we evaluate the business risk by considering either the impact of a tebili abrupt deterioration in lending, non lending activities or both, this exercise is important to evaluate the resiliency with respect to each bank activity.

Partnership Theory When the idea of Islamic or interest-free banking started to take shape, one of the main pillars of it was designed as partnership arrangements instead of interest. Using parametric distance function models, hyperbolic and output distance functions, two efficiency measures related to profit and revenue are compared. Distance function has been extensively used in the empirical literature evaluating performance, but very limited in banking.

The production possibility set denoted T, is the set of all the combinations of outputs and inputs for which X can produce Y.

ICISEF Kongre Tebliğleri Volume 4 – Türkiye Katılım Bankaları Birliği

Distance Function Methodology Banks use financial and physical inputs to produce several services, loans, investments, securities.

All of this will have important implications, both for resource mobilization and investment opportunities.

It is critical at this stage that Islamic financial institutions srri incorporated into the global money related framework. Moreover, distance function model require only data on input and output quantities to evaluate banks performance.

Consumer Credits and Credit Cards.

Distance Functions and Efficiency Measures Bank A inside the production possibility set below the curved line which represent the production frontier envelop, is technically inefficient. Therefore, the stock returns of Islamic banks are on average overvalued by the market. Instant loan facilities are also being offered on the Internet.