In his final graphic novel, the late Hicklenton (Nemesis the Warlock; Judge Dredd ) leaves us with a haunting and powerful legacy. In a work that. Title: Months. Author: John Hicklenton. Type: Fiction. Page Count/Review Word Count: Rating: 8/ John Hicklenton was one of Britain’s leading comic book artists, who took his own life in March with the assistance of Dignitas in Zurich.

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It felt like some images were very well thought out and others seemed to be month without much planning. While the scenes depicted are probably more horrifying than even the worst case scenarios of GW, it’s still a vivid picture of the greed, gluttony, and sloth that contribute to environmental destruction in general and global warming specifically. Looked and read like the inlay booklet for a bad ‘s black metal band. The art is striking, I actually do like it. The story itself, is dark hicllenton beautifully stark.

Months: The End of All Things – John Hicklenton – Google Books

I understand that people think this is fantastic I had never heard of him before and only stumbled across this book minths my library’s ereading app. It aches itself into me. The fact this story was created by a man on his death bed only adds to the power of this story. The paintings are lurid and bleak and violent; the text is lyrical and bleak and violent; but it doesn’t add up to much.

Disturbing, beautiful, hopeful, and an honest expression of a feeling I think many people feel, I think it’s well worth the read.

100 Months: The End of All Things

Normally, I’d just call it bad and move on, but in this, it actually worked for me as part of the book’s bizarre, hiclkenton feel and it nicely echoes the more hardcore Biblical prophesies, William Blake, et al. I feel like I would have liked this book a lot more not as an ebook. It’s really more of a spiritual vindiction of global warming than science or policy and even references hicklsnton Bible frequently as part of the overall metaphor. The artwork in this graphic novel is moths incredible.


The final line of text, “Shhh He finished Months the day before he died. This is all of Mother Earth’s apoplectic, vengeful anger at the abuse and betrayal by her own children poured out on paper. Refresh and try again. However, in terms of the writing itself, I really don’t know what to think.

Aug 16, Story rated it it was amazing. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I wouldn’t call them beautiful, but I definitely experienced pleasure looking at them along with horror and some nausea.

Months – John Hicklenton – Google Books

The artist is working though some serious emotions which is understandable when you know your death is imminent and it is a fascinating ride.

Its words those of a prophet, its artwork transcending the comic book form, Months will redefine the adult graphic novel. It’s a fast read, but it lingers with you. Its a heap of symbolic hickldnton with modern morality, death, and a dash of spirituality.

Oct 13, Andrew Pixton rated it it was amazing Shelves: I welcome any and all discussions on meaning, if you have a better idea. This was interesting and very different from what I expected just grabbing it off the shelf. Visually striking, but I think it could have been more impactful if I had a better sense of what was going on and connected to the story better.

Preview — Months by Johnny Hickleton.

May 07, Twan rated it did not like it Shelves: The story behind this and behind the man who wrote this was quite fascinating to hear. The message in the text is straightforward and flows between feeling like a direct dialogue with the reader and a dialogue within the text itself. A return to the heavy metal awesomeness that was the comics and the movie. Like most of John Hicklenton’s work this book features some beautifully horrific or horrifically beautiful, if you prefer art.

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I couldn’t stop thinking about it for a while. This book was like a written version of heavy metal. He was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis inand took his own life in March The story of a faceless androgynous figure wielding a sword, hacking their way through legions of monsters in order to slay the Pig God is a fascinating one.

The ebook version I read had tiny writing and did not offer the option to zoom, so I missed out on some of the text when I simply couldn’t decipher it. Sweeping brush strokes are matched by sentences of violence and declarations of war. Fans of his visceral style will not be disappointed. His life, work, and illness are the subject of the documentary Here’s Johnnywhich premiered at South by Southwest.

Jun 29, Wendy rated it liked it Shelves: Absolutely astounding, breathtaking art.

The art is every bit as kinetic and chaotic as it is practiced and beautiful, seething with violent emotion. No, it’s more straightforward than allegoryand hicklemton book this work stakes its territory. Mar 03, Mandy rated it it was amazing Shelves: The author’s story is very compe The artwork in this graphic novel is absolutely incredible. The world of the Longpig is jojn in killing fields and scenes of mass crucifixion that recall Goya, Blake, and Bacon, and represents a true crossover of the graphic novel form with fine art.

When I put it down, I felt like I’d just been through someone else’s nightmare – someone else with an incredibly powerful imagination and some brutal, impressive talent. A parable uicklenton an ode and a monologue all in one.